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How can I open an account with Pennine Instruments?

A 30 day credit account can be opened as soon as two trade and one bank reference have been provided and successfully validated.

Are Pennine Instruments able to provide on site calibrations?

An on site calibration service is available for many but not all of the calibration services offered by Pennine. Please contact an advisor for further information.

Can Pennine Instruments provide an emergency collection and delivery service?

An emergency service is available to all customers, usually at no extra cost. Pennine can arrange expedited collection, calibration and delivery whenever requested.

What are Pennine Instrument’s opening times?

Pennine opening times are:
Monday to Thursday: 7.30 am to 3.45 pm.
Friday: 7.30 am to 3.15 pm.

How much notice do I need to give to have my instruments collected for calibration?

Very little notice is usually required. It is obviously dependent on the location but 2 to 3 days is a very normal time span. Overnight couriers can be instructed to collect on the same day if the collection request is before 1.00 pm.

What are Pennine Instrument Services Ltd payment terms?

They are 30 days from the date of invoice.

Do Pennine Instruments accept payment by credit card?

The company accepts MasterCard and Visa.

Do Pennine Instruments require a deposit when I want to hire equipment?

If you do not have a credit account a nominal hire deposit will be required, the size of which is dependent on the value of the instruments required.

Do I have to pay additional costs for collection and delivery of items?

Please refer to the ‘delivery and collection’ section on the website.

Do I need to store a hard copy of my certificate?

Yes. Copy certificates should be retained at least until the unit is recalibrated. Pennine retain copies of all certificates for a period of 4 years and copies are available upon request free of charge.



How often do I need to have my instruments calibrated?

There is no periodicity stated in a British Standard. However most calibrations in the UK are carried out over a 12 month cycle.

How do I set up a system for calibration acceptance criteria?

You must determine each instrument has the accuracy necessary to ensure that they are suitable for the measurement or monitoring requirement that they are intended for.

What are my options when equipment works correctly on some but not all ranges?

Equipment can be used when only working on some ranges but it must be labelled very clearly to ensure that the end user is fully aware of the limitations. In some circumstances use of equipment with limited functionality may be subject to a risk assessment.

If integrity seals must be broken in order to change the batteries, how is calibration validity maintained?

When the calibration seals are broken by the end user, the calibration validity is compromised. However it does seem a little drastic to return the unit for recalibration immediately after replacing the disposable batteries. We believe that the best solution is to update your working procedures with an instruction to reseal the unit with integrity seals after a battery change.

Do I need to send test leads with the equipment for calibration?

There is no requirement to return leads for standard equipment. The only real exception to this is for the instrument lead to mains plug should be returned with a loop impedance tester as the mains lead is taken as part of the measured value.

Why is acclimatisation an issue and which types of equipment for calibration are most sensitive to temperature variation?

Wherever possible equipment should always be acclimatised overnight prior to calibration. This becomes a necessity for some equipment to ensure that a state of equilibrium is attained between the equipment and the standard, thus ensuring the accuracy of the measurement.

What happens if my instrument needs to be repaired whilst Pennine Instruments are undertaking the calibration?

You will be contacted and informed about price and timescale as soon as possible. No charges will be incurred before we talk to you.

Can Pennine Instruments remind me when my next calibration is due?

Pennine offers reminder service (normally by email) the month prior to calibration expiry.

How long will Pennine Instruments keep my instruments for calibration?

Standard turnaround is 5 working days. A faster service is available upon request. Please see the question on emergencies.

Can Pennine Instruments provide a “while-you-wait” calibration service?

This service is available by prior arrangement but only for certain types of instrumentation. Please contact an advisor for further information.